How can I run longer?

As the days get longer and the temperature creeps up, we know the Spring Running season is nearly upon us! Many of us have a go-to pace, distance, and even route but at the shop we are constantly asked- how can I run longer?

Whether you want to go from 0km to 5km or 10km to 21.1km and beyond, here are a few tips to help you up mileage and avoid injury!

·         Have a plan: Avoid just lacing up your shoes and seeing how far you can run. This will cause extreme soreness and discourage you from continuing on to your running goals. Find a running program and stick to it!

·         Start slow and build slower: Build a solid running base before upping mileage. To avoid injury, each week's total distance should only get longer by a maximum of 10%.

·         Utilize the run/walk technique: When building a base running level we see the most success in runners who mix in a walk interval to their program. Start with a run/walk of 2 minutes running followed by 2 minutes walking (repeated) for 30 minutes. Once comfortable at that level begin to stretch your run interval and shorten your walk interval. Soon enough you’ll be running straight for 30 minutes!