Max shoe... Max comfort: HOKA One One

It shouldn't come as a big surprise that a shoe made for ultramarathoning designed to reduce friction, maximize cushioning and all but eliminate extraneous foot ankle movement.... might just be the answer for your long walks , 12 hour shift's and painful 10 K's.

Hoka One One has all but turned the running shoe market on its head. This post barefoot shoe maxes out in all areas. Extremely lightweight, it boasts a thick foam platform and maximum shock absorbancy for your walking or running.

But the key to it's success may actually be that the shoe does not bend from heel to toe and boasts a rocker platform under the toes.

Note: This is not a toning rocker shoe like Sketchers and MBT.... an experience not unlike walking around on awableboard!

The Hoka brand offers a stable and supportive fit in the hind foot yet allows the foot to transition seamlessly at toe off reducing much of the pressure on the ball of the foot and around that irritating bunion!

This feature alone has made Hoka the number one shoe choice for numerous orthopaedic issues like plantar fasciitis , calf strains , hallux limitus and most forefoot pain pathologies( metatarsslgia).

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