LadySport Fitting Tips


Fitting clothing is unique for every person. No two people have identical bodies or identical fit preferences. LadySport carries a full array of styles and sizes to fit many different body shapes, sizes, and personal preferences. We carry loose fitting exercise clothing as well as slim fitting garments and compression clothing.

As a general rule, you should feet comfortable and flexible in your work out gear. Clothing should fit without bunching excessively at any joints (ex: under the arms, between the legs, or behind the knees). Bunching can cause rubbing of the material and chafing. 

The key to exercise clothing is giving yourself layering options so that you can utilize your clothing as efficiently as possible. Most exercise tops are designed as either base layers, mid layers, or outer layers. Base layers should generally be slim fit so that they insulate against the skin and move moisture on your skin’s surface away from the body (keeping you dry and cool). Mid layers are slightly looser fitting and are designed to layer with the base layer. They are often used as insulating pieces in cooler climates and have a “lofty” weave (thicker brushed lining). Outer layers are usually thinner and have either a wind or water resistant purpose. They are great for layering either with a base layer and a mid layer under them, or just with a base layer, depending on the climate.

Finding bottoms is a little more straight-forward. The most important decision is whether you prefer a tight fitting pant, Capri, or short, or whether you prefer a looser fit. There are benefits to both and often regular exercisers will have several pair of both types. The best way to find out is to try!