LadySport Fall 2019 Walking Clinic


LadySport Fall 2019 Walking Clinic


Join walkers of all abilities as we build, teach and train you for a 10k! Our 12-week clinic includes pace leaders, informational guest speakers, prizes, a technical running shirt and a store discount!

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WHERE & WHEN: Meet at LadySport at 6:00 pm for all workouts
WHY: This running clinic is set up to help you:
- Run, walk or run/walk consistently & regularly
- Successfully complete a 10km
- Achieve your personal best & challenge yourself
- Get fit & stay fit
- Meet new runners & have fun! 
Run/Walk: These groups follow a program designed for those getting into running and/or recovering from an injury. This program builds slowly in a friendly environment, while providing motivation to reach the 10km goal!
Hills: Hills prepare muscles for faster running without going anaerobic. Hills also strengthen the major running muscles & help us become more efficient walkers.

- 15% store discount at LadySport for the duration of the clinic
- $40 Running Apparel or Accessory
- All pace groups are lead by experienced leader