LadySport Clinics

The LadySport Run and Walk/Run Clinics are primarily targeted towards the recreational athlete and beginner or intermediate jogger who is looking for a fun social environment which encourages them to be active and dedicated.

We host three running clinics annually, in 12 week cycles. Typically they begin in January, May, and September and are split in two major training groups with those training for a 10K distance in one group and those training for a ½ marathon. Speed groups are available in both distance groupings. The clinics meet Monday nights at 6:00pm.

We encourage you to participate in a local 10K or ½ marathon that takes place at the end of each clinic. However, if your goal is just to participate and be active with a group of peers, that is also fine. 

LadySport Spring 2018 10K & Half Marathon Run Clinics


Join runners and walkers of all abilities as we build, teach and train you for a 10k OR half-marathon run! Our 12 week clinics include 5-7 pace leaders, informational guest speakers, prizes, a technical running shirt and a store discount!

WHERE & WHEN: Meet at LadySport at 6:00pm every Monday between (and including)  January 22nd - May 7th. 
WHY: This running clinic is set up to help you:
- Run, walk or run/walk consistently & regularly
- Successfully complete a 10km
- Achieve your personal best & challenge yourself
- Get fit & stay fit
- Meet new runners & have fun! 
Run/Walk: This group follows a program designed for those getting into running and/or recovering from an injury. This program builds slowly in a friendly environment, while providing motivation to reach the 10km goal!
Straight Run Pace Groups: The remaining groups will follow the workout schedule listed above & will be lead through the workouts by group leaders based on a consistent min/mile pace.
Hills: Hills prepare muscles for faster running without going anaerobic. Hills also strengthen the major running muscles & help us become more efficient runners.
Fartleks: Varied intervals designed to increase your anaerobic capacity, strength & power. 
- 15% store discount at FitFirst for the duration of the clinic
- $40 Running Apparel or Accessory
- All pace groups are lead by experienced leader