LadySport is happy to help and sponsor athletes from all different backgrounds. See our latest athlete's, Michelle (Shelly) Heneghan, story below!

Shoe Bank

With the help of sponsors like New Balance, Adidas, and Mizuno as well as customers, LadySport is able to donate hundreds of used shoes to Vancouver’s most needy individuals. Shoes are donated to the downtown free health clinic and are issued to at risk exercise programs, and low income individuals suffering from diabetes, arthritis, and general foot pain. 

Some donated shoes are fit in the store and given to those with high risk foot issues to ensure that they are fit properly as per their health care professional’s recommendations and provided they are able to access our store. 

If you would like to donate any shoes and be sure that they end up on the feet of someone who truly needs them, please drop them off at LadySport. Any and all shoes are welcome and highly appreciated!

If you know of a group in need of shoes, please email us at info@ladysport.ca