LadySport Product Offering

At LadySport we pride ourselves on arguably carrying Canada's largest selection of athletic footwear for women. Combine this with a great selection of dress casuals and sandals specifically geared for accommodating orthotics, and you have one of the most complete selections of shoes anywhere in North America.

The apparel is equally impressive, with clothing from the industries top lines and sizes to fit women of all ages and shapes.

For an in-depth review of the shoes we carry, check out The Spring 2018 Shoe Update!

Athletic Footwear

Our athletic footwear is not only impressive due to the number of styles we carry, but also through our broad range of sizes. There is rarely a foot that we can't fit! We pride ourselves on having sizes regardless of the length and width of a woman’s foot. With sizes 5 to 13 and widths from 2A to 4E, we are the final stop for those who have looked everywhere!  We have a great selection of shoes for children as well.

Specializing in the hard to fit foot, LadySport is the number one referred location for podiatrists, physiotherapists and sports medicine specialists in the lower mainland. 

Dress Shoes and Sandals

Fitting orthotics into a lace up athletic shoes is one thing, but fitting them into a trendy dress casual shoe can be like, well…yanking teeth from a dinosaur!

We search the world over for shoes that manage all kinds of different foot issues resulting from complications of diseases such as of diabetes and arthritis.

When choosing styles we always keep in mind the features that will help manage pathologies such as bunions, neuromas, hallux limitus and plantar fasciitis. We try to do this while keeping shoe stylish and versatile.


At LadySport, we carry a variety of brands and styles to fit all your athletic and lifestyle clothing needs. From running to hiking to everyday wear, we know you’ll find something that works for you! We stock a wide assortment of clothing that suits all ages and sizes, with sizes ranging from XS to XL.

Sports Bras

Every active woman needs a good sports bra. Whether running, walking, playing tennis, riding a bike, or in a yoga class, a good fitting sports bra makes any activity more enjoyable. The staff at LadySport are trained to help you find the best fit for your body type and activity. We carry a broad selection with sizes ranging from XS- XL and 32A- 44E


No outfit is complete without a few accessories! The use of socks, hats, safety lighting, over the counter orthotics, waterbottles, training gels, etc. can truly improve your enjoyment and performance in an activity. At LadySport, we carry many different accessories that we think can help take your performance to the next level